< Welcome to the Southfield Messenger! >

The purpose of this site intends to help us "Old-School" Southfield Community Brothers and Sisters from 'back-in-the-day', to keep in touch with each other, to inform us of any Southfield-area Community events, and to go back in time, to reminisce a little, of how Life once was, in our wonderful Neighborhoods of Southfield, Stanbaugh, Keysquare, and the Koebel Rd. areas!

There are many memories to share from all of us as we grew up in these surrounding neighborhood communities. However, this site entails most of the memories shared from myself and many others! As we gather more data from everyone, YOUR memories and views will also be shared amongst us all...!

Along with what data I have, and as you all continue to send in ANY other Information or Pictures helpful for this site, those Web Pages will be Updated accordingly. Please be patient in awaiting the updates to take place.

All comments, suggestions, FEEDBACK data, various Attachments, or concerns sent in from your emails, as well as collecting your input data from the SM Entry Screen, can be viewed by selecting the appropriate LINK to the Left.

Welcome again, and have a cool time going down 'MEMORY LANE' in checking out the 'old' Southfield days.....!

Mark Powell